Trevor Ford, CEO

Ignite Enterprise LLC is a company founded by Trevor Ford of Hartford, CT. We bring to you 10 years of Marketing, Promoting and Event Planning experience. We have experience planning weddings, banquets, business conferences, facilitating business workshops, day/night parties, and community philanthropic initiatives. Over the years we have raised thousands of dollars for non-profit companies by providing ideas and events to drive home a movement to generate income. As an entrepreneur we understand the importance of social media and how to properly engage the community in which we serve. By directly connecting emotionally, politically and intellectually with our customer base, we have provided a platform for people to engage directly with Ignite Enterprise via blogging and podcasting. The vision is clear and the journey has begun for Ignite Enterprise.

As a company we pride ourselves in providing:

1. Quality, innovative and creative ideas to IGNITE your personal brand.

2. Entertaining events to IGNITE your social experience.

3. Intellectually stimulating information through blogs, videos, and podcasts to IGNITE your personal and political views.

4. Hands on event planning, promoting, and photography to IGNITE your overall event experience. 

Ignite Enterprise


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